Comic Book Think Tank

Welcome Back!

Some of you may recall an earlier digital comics experimentation site called Comic Book Think Tank. In fact, some of you might be reading this because you were redirected here from that very site!

Founded by artist Daniel Govar and myself, Comic Book Think Tank started as an experiment in digital comics. We focused mainly on two specific areas of visual storytelling; technology and methodology. We launched the YANAPAX READER as a flexible, open-source tool that anyone could use or adapt to help tell visual stories online. Following that, we moved on to create specific comic book examples using techniques beyond the simple panel and page – transitions, multi-panel actions, looping stories, and even ambient animation. You can see all of these comics in the COMICS section of this site.

Comic Book Think Thank is, alas, no more. We’ve closed the site down. However! All of the content, including the Yanapax Reader, the comics, and much of the original blog entries can be found here at Union Combine.

If you have questions please feel free to get in touch.

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