1. Troy

    This is good stuff. I can certainly see ways to use your dashboard style in certain stories. I’m not sure it works for everything but it is definitely a new way to think about storytelling.

  2. […] Comics are the perfect medium for this type of digital storytelling since they already make use of panels to divide up the page. Every panel becomes an independently functioning piece of the story. I detailed more about the writing process on the COMIC BOOK THINK TANK blog shortly after RELAUNCH went live. If anyone is interested in getting into the weeds on the writing process they can find it right here. […]

  3. I agree with you about the “page” being an uninspirational design once on the Web. This said, the forward a back buttons are also vestigial forms herited from other supports and devices (mainly video). You should try to allow exploration directly through the left and right arrows for RELAUCH and you other webcomics, they really offer a more simple and intuitive way of reading sequential stories online.

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