Smart, original, genre fiction inspired by classic tales of action, horror and suspense.

1920: The Roaring Anthology

Stories about the hapless, heroic, damaged and damned.
Project 01

1920: The Roaring Anthology

As the Lost Generation struggled to move past the devastation of The Great War they embraced massive social change. Jazz, movies and technological innovation whirled with gangsters, prohibition and political upheaval. By the end of the decade Black Thursday would usher in the Great Depression and the world would grow steadily darker. But this was just the beginning...

1930: The Turbulent Anthology

Stories about the downtrodden, driven, zealous and dead.
Project 02

1930: The Turbulent Anthology

Wall Street crashed and took the world with it. FDR fought poverty and depression with a New Deal while others sought refuge in hate and terror. Mao marched, the Nazis seized power and the Communists purged their own. Organized crime was as celebrated with morbid fascination. And slowly, steadily they all marched toward war.

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A story about the ruthless, savage, defiant and cruel.
Project 03


The poor but hard working people of Haugerbain live short lives surviving on whatever the harsh, frozen land will yield. They are survivors of a forgotten kingdom trapped in a world that has moved on. All except Brom; a lone, lordless warrior who is perhaps more harsh and unforgiving than even blighted, arctic wasteland itself.

  • Contributors: Ron Perazza, Matthew Petz
  • Available: Webcomic, .PDF (DRM Free), iBooks (with bonus material)
  • Published: January, 2014
  • Price: Free!


What started out as creative collaboration between artists, writers, editors and professionals from the comic book industry soon evolved into UNION COMBINE; an all digital publishing imprint focusing on free, high-quality graphic and genre fiction inspired by radio dramas, pulp magazines, dime novels and (of course) comic books. Our goal is to create interesting characters and engaging stories that excite, provoke and entertain our readers.